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Waste Management Dumpster Rental Agreement

However, if you have a budget-conscious budget, look at other Dumpster services to compare prices. You may find a lower price at a local business. You`re already taking care of your own construction, transformation or demolition – don`t let dumpster rentals add to your stress. Like other dumpster rental companies, Waste Management may add an additional fee to your rental price for one of the following options: (1) order over the phone, (2) keep your dumpster for more days than the number of days agreed by contract, (3) put prohibited items in your dumpster, or (4) load too much weight into your dumpster. But the size and scale of the World Cup effectively opposes the rental of dumpsters. All orders placed online are subject to final approval to ensure you get the right trash for the order and service you should receive. The balance and/or differences will be charged directly to the credit card used at the time of the order. However, to store dumpsters on most public roads, you will need a permit. Do not load from this line. $125.00 for cancellations made on the same day of delivery. Each location change costs a fee of $125.00 (after the original return). $125 travel fee for non-operational conditions (not ready for pickup, no space for return, container blocked/cannot be picked up).


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