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Mcc Nepal Agreement In Nepali

“Only when the agreement enters into force will the actual construction work begin,” said Khadga Bahadur Bisht, Director General of MCA-Nepal. Prithvi Man Shrestha is a political journalist for the Kathmandu Post, which covers government issues such as corruption and irregularities in the government machine. Before joining the Kathmandu Post in 2009, he worked for three years at and Rising Nepal and focused mainly on political and economic affairs. The MCC agreement, in section 2.7, makes it clear that funds cannot be used for the military, but some readers look at section 6.8, which provides for the immunity of MCC employees in “all courts and tribunals of Nepal,” and fear that this will be used for military purposes. There is no doubt that diplomats should continue to enjoy diplomatic immunity, but should immunity be granted for other activities? Isn`t this a violation of Nepal`s sovereignty? In accordance with the MCC agreement between the MCC and the Government of Nepal, the Pact will remain in force five years after its entry into force until its end. In particular, some fear that the MCC deal will bring Nepal into U.S. competition with China. The US Indo-Pacific Strategic Report of June 1, 2019 makes it very clear that China is a revisionist power and a threat, while Nepal maintains friendly relations with China. The Nepalese mentality was deeply shaken by the unofficial blockade of India in 2015. Kathmandu recognizes the importance of China-related roads and railways and thus puts the Belt and Road Initiative in a positive light. The United States is generally not cautious. He made it clear that the MCC was part of the Indo-Pacific strategy.

Many Nepal therefore view the MCC agreement as a violation of Article 51(m) of the Nepalese Constitution, which obliges the country to adopt a strong principle of non-alignment. I think the MCC agreement with Nepal is a total trap for Nepal. It may seem like a very good opportunity for today, but it will later lead to more difficult situations, We will lose our rights in our own country. It`s the worst scene I can imagine. The MCC pact does not say it needs to be ratified by the Nepalese parliament. However, the text of the agreement stipulates that in the event of a conflict, the provisions of the Covenant take precedence over nepal`s existing laws, which requires parliamentary ratification under the Nepal Treaty Act. The MCC is the first grant agreement submitted to Parliament for approval. However, it is also the largest financial assistance agreement ever signed by Nepal.

Tulasi Sitaula, a former government secretary, said the government should have ensured that the U.S. continued to fund the preparatory work in accordance with the agreement. . . .

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