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Inuvialuit Final Agreement Summary

The Inuvialuit are relevant stakeholders because they have occupied the country for generations and development and the resulting effects in this area have a direct impact on their livelihoods, incomes and well-being. Given Canada`s history of colonization and the marginalization of Indigenous peoples, it was very important that Indigenous voices be heard in negotiation and not excluded from the narrative. It was very difficult at first because the Canadian government was reluctant to negotiate the idea of power-sharing or a cooperation agreement with the Inuvialuit people. The Canadian government has appointed federal negotiators to defend their interests. As negotiations on several elections and the resulting changes of government have expanded, the federal negotiators involved in the process have also experienced fluctuations. This turnover underscores the tension between interested stakeholders – who can sever ties and continue without risking job security or livelihoods – and the Inuvialuit who have continued negotiations with each party that arrives because of their unwavering attachment to the country. Following the AFI, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) took on many of the tasks to be accomplished by the federal government. Annex A lists the legislation and property agreements concluded that were considered during the preparation of this text. Legislation and focal claims are current as of August The Inuvialuit Game Council is the last Inuvialuit Wildlife Authority under the IFA. The Council`s tasks include: in addition, the five audited services will take fully into account this recommendation when reviewing and, if necessary, improving current systems and procedures for monitoring contracts to inuvialuit that are not subject to public tenders, if they are able to provide goods and services on an appropriate basis. Work on federal procurement processes, which contain provisions for the awarding of contracts in national parks, is already underway and is being developed to gather the same information for other comprehensive land rights agreements.

3.38 Based on automated search criteria, departmental officials identified 2,704 files for us relating to focal claims agreements or contracts reserved for Aboriginal companies. This allowed them to manually identify 49 contracts subject to the agreement. Departmental officials informed us that these 49 contracts constituted all contracts related to the region. .

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