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Cms Cooperative Agreements

As a condition of award, Navigator Award recipients must agree to cooperate with each federal evaluation of the program and submit the necessary weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and final reports (at the end of the cooperation period), in a form prescribed by cmS, as well as any additional reports as required. form number: CMS-10463 (OMB control number: 0938-1215); Frequency: annual, monthly, quarterly, weekly; public concerned: private sector; Number of respondents: 50; Total annual responses: 50; Total annual hours: 20,850. (If you have any questions about this collection, please contact Gian Johnson at 301-492-4323.) 1. Read more Home Printed page 56813 You will find illustrated information in the statement of support for each collection and associated materials (see ADDRESSES). Note: This information has been compiled from the data collection forms at the Federal Audit Clearing House, Note 2: This information is regularly updated and may not contain up-to-date data collection forms. CMS, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Division of Regulations Development, Attention: Document Identifier/OMB Control Number ____, Room C4-26-05, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850. . . .

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