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Agreement Of Sulah Hudaibiya Was Settled In

“While the apostle and Suhayl were writing the document, Abu Jandal suddenly appeared chaining after fleeing to the apostle. The Apostle`s companions had undoubtedly left to occupy Mecca because of the vision the Apostle had seen, and when they saw the peace negotiations and a retreat, and what the Apostle had taken upon himself, they felt depressed almost to the death. When Suhayl saw Abu Jandal, he stood up and punched him in the face, and grabbed his collar and said, “Muhammad, the agreement between us was made before this man came to you.” He replied, “You`re right.” He began to pull him roughly by his collar and drag him back to Quraisch, while Abu Jandal shouted loudly: “Should I be brought back to the polytheists so that they can attract me of my religion, O Muslims?” thus reinforcing the despondency of the people. – Sirat page 505. “At that time, Ouar came to the Prophet, and said, `Are we not on the right path, and they (pagans) in injustice? Won`t our killed go to heaven and theirs into the fire? The prophet replied, “Yes. Umar added: “Then why will we let our religion humiliate and come back before Allah has settled the matter between us? Hazrat Abu Baseer Utbah ibn Usayd (R.A.), Hazrat Abu Jandal (R.A.) and a group of young Muslims fled Mecca and settled in Ais, near Saif al-Bahr, a Quraian trade route to Syria. This group of about 70 Muslims began to attack all the quraisch trafficking that took place in this way. Despite their dislike for the deal, they went there and believed in Muhammad. “Umm Kulthum Uqba Muayt emigrated to the apostle at that time. Their two brothers Umara and the sons of Uqba de Valid came to ask the apostle to return them in accordance with the agreement between him and Quraisch in Hudaybiyya, but he did not want to. God forbade it…. Sirat page 509.

Although the two sides agreed on the terms, the treaty is unquestionably favorable to the Quraish side. Nevertheless, the Prophet SA saw something that his companions did not see from the treaty, an opportunity to strengthen initiatives to strengthen communities and nations in Medina. . . .

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