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Consent By Mutual Agreement

Divorce by mutual agreement is governed by the family code and the code of civil procedure. According to Article 50 of the Family Code, the reason for divorce is, in this case, a serious and unwavering mutual consent of the spouses. There are no accused in such a trial, therefore no evidence and motivation are necessary, as both parties agree with the divorce. The decision on divorce is subject to the agreement of both parties by judicial petition filed, with the confirmation of their joint agreement to cease marriage. The condition of consensual admission of divorce after the expiry of 3 years of marriage registration has been removed and, at present, there is no time limit for spouses with respect to the end of the marriage. Note that if a contract is terminated, if the other party is not willing to accept the termination, but has found that it has violated a substantial part of the contract, you have reason to terminate the contract for other reasons. If one party wants to terminate the contract, the other does not, it can create problems with the contracts. In the event of reciprocal termination, there are no adverse or negative consequences, unless the contract affects other contracts. The contract is no longer applicable once terminated. It is always possible to accept orally, terminate a contract and terminate compliance with the conditions. It is recommended that a termination contract be entered into in order to protect yourself in such a case. Contracts are legally binding agreements that the parties voluntarily enter into. The parties still have the option of terminating a contract by mutual agreement.

You also have the option to create a new contract. The specific terms of the contract may include the possibility of exiting the contract within a specified period of time. This is called a cooling-off period. This is usually the case when transactions take place in a different location, for example. B at a trade show or at door-to-door sales. The termination of the contract is done by mutual agreement if a contract is no longer respected, can no longer be executed or if the transaction has ceased its activities.3 min. The termination of the contract is made by mutual agreement when a contract is no longer respected, when the contract can no longer be executed or when the parties have ceased to operate. In these cases, the parties may terminate the contract in writing. If you terminate a contract by mutual agreement, consider the following. Delay and termination by mutual consent: the parties may terminate this contract by mutual agreement with a 60-day period to the other party, or as required by law. We, the lawyers of the ID Law Office, believe that our extensive experience allows us to consult with you and represent you in a way that protects your interests, because regardless of the reciprocal divorce agreement, the interests of both parties are very often diametrically opposed.

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